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Turning Utilities On and Off

The simplest moving situation in terms of your water, sewage and garbage is a move within the same Phoenix area city, be it Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale or any number of others. You just call up your city and the change happens instantly for the effective date(s) you specify. You’ll want your gas (SW Gas), electric (APS or SRP) and phone/internet (Cox or Qwest) services to be shut off the day after your move is scheduled. This way if there is a hiccup in the schedule, on your side or the utility company, you won’t be finishing your move in the dark or be without water.

It’s best to have the utilities turned on in your new home the day before your actual arrival. This way you can be sure you have the basics covered the minute you walk through the door. APS electric, for example, cannot pinpoint when the power will be on at your new location, but instead will confirm power between 8am and 5pm on that day. So if you are moving on the 15th make sure they have electric in your name for the property on the 14th. Otherwise you can run the likely risk of no power until late in the afternoon on the 15th.

If you are moving into Phoenix, AZ from out of town call on your real estate agent to help you in locating all the utility companies that serve your new location. Some cities and utilities will require a deposit (which may or may not be refundable until you move again). By this same token, some of your current providers may be holding a security deposit so be sure to request your refund.

Remember to charge your cell the night before the move and keep your charger handy too. Should your new telecom service not be installed yet, you can keep in touch easily.

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