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$4500 Foreclosure Alternative Assistance

$4500 foreclosure alternative assistance
Save Our Home AZ has been created to assist responsible homeowners avoid foreclosure on their primary residence in the state of Arizona. The government program offers troubled Phoenix homeowners assistance with a foreclosure prevention program that makes a short sale of your home even more beneficial to you. If you qualify, your will receive up to $4500 cash at closing for relocation assistance to spend however you like and the buyer of your home will receive up to 3% in closing cost assistance from the program to help them with the purchase of your home. It costs you nothing and makes your property more attractive than other short sales on the market and puts cash in your pocket! Participants of Save Our Home AZ must meet a few simple requirements, including eligible hardship, property type, loan balance and income level.

•The household may not have gross income (the total income before taxes, health care costs, social security, etc.) of more than 120% of the median income for Maricopa County. The below figures already reflect 120% of the median income by household size for Phoenix:
$55,050.00 or less, for 1 person in household
$62,925.00 or less, for 2 people in household
$70,800.00 or less, for 3 people in household
$78,600.00 or less, for 4 people in household
$84,900.00 or less, for 5 people in household
$91,200.00 or less, for 6 people in household
$97,500.00 or less, for 7 people in household
$103,800.00 or less, for 8 or more people in household
•The first mortgage must be a purchase money loan or no cash-out refinance of a purchase money loan (ask me if you are unsure).
•Maximum first mortgage amounts are government sponsored entities (GSE) loans less than $729,750 for a single dwelling.
•Maximum debt-to-income program ratios of 31/45 to include auto loans and government-backed loans.
•Customer must be a minimum of 60 days past due on their mortgage payment.
•Customer should ideally be more than 60 days from Trustee Sale Date (foreclosure auction).

Eligible Properties
•Owner occupied primary residences – no second homes or investment properties.
•Single family residences, 1 to 4 unit dwellings, condos and townhomes.

To confirm if you are eligible for the Save Our Home AZ program, visit and complete the online application. You will then be contacted by one of our housing counselors. From there, I will market your home as a short sale and help you avoid foreclosure.

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