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Phoenix Home Inspection

Phoenix Home Inspection Home inspectors are fact reporters. They examine a property and report what they find. They are unable to make comments as to code compliance of the home or cause of problematic situations. It is important to understand that a home inspection report is not a warranty. An inspection report is a compilation of an inspector’s observations, not a promise that all systems will continue to function for any specific length of time. Home inspectors examine the exterior, interior and mechanical components of a home. They are most concerned with ensuring:


– positive grade/slope away from home
– no branches or limbs touching home or roof
– no standing water
– secure railings
– no flooding from septic tank
– downspouts direct water away from home
– maintained yard, landscaping, trees and paths
– maintained exterior structures (fences, sheds, decks, walls, detached buildings) free of termite infestation
– maintained driveways, sidewalks, patios that slope away from house

– stucco/siding appears straight and level
– no bowing or sagging
– windows and doors appear square
– foundation free of significant cracking

Exterior Surfaces
– adequate clearance between ground and wood materials
– no dents or bowing of vinyl siding
– no cracking, curling or decay of shingles
– no vegetation touching home
– no cracks in brick joints
– no large cracks in stucco
– no stains or discolorations
– no blistering or peeling paint

Windows, Doors and Trim
– adequately caulked frames and joints
– no broken glass or damaged windows/screens
– no loss of thermal seal in dual pane windows
– doors and windows that operate and lock easily

– no loss of granulation in shingles
– no evidence of excess roofing cement
– no missing or broken tiles/shingles
– no decay or stains in soffits and fascia
– no mold or decay in wood components
– adequate exterior venting for area under roof
– no patches, cracks or splits in flat roofing
– clean vents
– maintained gutters
– presence of flashing around roof penetrations
– maintained and flashed chimney


– no stains on underside of roofing
– adequate ventilation
– no damage or decay
– no vents or ducts terminating in attic
– adequate insulation
– closed electrical splices or junction boxes

– no evidence of water
– no stains, major cracks, flaking or efflorescence in the exposed foundation
– no sagging, damage, decay, stains or damage from insects in wood

– straight floors, walls and trim
– no stains on floors, walls or ceilings
– no major cracking on walls or ceilings
– paint, wall covering and paneling in good condition
– lights and switches in working order
– ventilated, air-conditioned and heated
– smoke and carbon monoxide detectors where required

– working exhaust fan
– functioning garbage disposal
– dishwasher in working order
– no leaky pipes or sinks
– ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection for all countertop outlets
– adequate water flow
– no stains, mildew or rippling of cabinet floor under sink
– cabinets in working order

– working fan
– tub and/or shower tiles secure
– adequate water flow
– no stains around base of tub or shower
– proper sink/tub drainage
– functioning, stable toilet
– plumbing and cabinet floor under sink in good condition
– caulking in good condition inside tub and shower


– no damage or evidence of leaks in pipes
– water heater adequately ventilated and rust-free
– no signs of water stains on materials near pipes
– drain pipes slope slightly down towards the outlet
– unrestricted pipes

– all circuit breakers properly labeled
– no exposed splices or poor wiring
– service panel in working order and no overheating
– no circuit breaker double-taps
– no aluminum cables for branch circuits

Heating and Cooling System
– adequate circulation
– clean air filters
– ductwork in good condition
– no rust around unit
– adequate temperature split differential
– adequate insulation for AC suction line

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