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Unincorporated County Island

unincorporated county island An unincorporated area of the county that is surrounded by a city is referred to as a county island. The greater Phoenix area has several county islands, including Sun City and Sun City West, plus large parts of Peoria.

Residents of a county island are legally able to operate a business from their home, typically without any special permission. This is perhaps the single biggest advantage to properties located in an unincorporated area of the county.

Why would a county island want to annex with a neighboring city, such as Peoria? There are many benefits for residents of the unincorporated area being proposed for annexation:

1. Fire Protection and Paramedics

The City of Peoria Fire Department will supply fire protection for your home and/or business. The Peoria Fire Department has a rating of 3 (1 is the highest, 10 is the lowest) which may reduce homeowners fire insurance premium. The services of the City of Peoria Fire Department Paramedics will assist with any medical emergencies and the average response time is 4 minutes 37 seconds.

2. Police Protection

The City of Peoria consistently has one of the lowest crime rates in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Regular patrol of residential and commercial areas by a trained and well equipped police force is provided with an average response time for police officers to priority calls under 6 minutes.

3. Water and Wastewater Services

The City of Peoria has been designated by the Arizona Department of Water Resources as having an Assured Water Supply, which indicates that Peoria has adequate water resources to serve its customers in the future. Water lines and fire hydrants are installed at the expense of the properties served but operated and maintained by the City of Peoria.

Some areas of Peoria are served by private water companies which are regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The City of Peoria operates public wastewater (sewer) collection and treatment systems. Individual sewage disposal systems (septic system) require periodic maintenance by property owner and will eventually need to be replaced. Public collection systems eliminate the need for individual septic systems. Wastewater lines are installed at the expense of the properties served but operated and maintained by the City of Peoria.

4. Sanitation Service

Regular scheduled pick-up services for garbage and recycling are provided weekly for a low cost. In addition, scheduled bulk trash pick-up is collected twice a year without any extra cost.

5. Zoning and Building Protection

The City of Peoria provides protection of the environment, life style, home and property values, through planning, zoning and building ordinances.

6. Street Maintenance

All public streets within city limits are maintained and cleaned by the City of Peoria regularly.

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