Improving Your Home's Safety | Andrew Robb RE/MAX Fine Properties Improving Your Home's Safety | Andrew Robb RE/MAX Fine Properties

10 Ways to Make Your House Safer

1. Apply some fake security company decal stickers to select windows in high-visibility areas throughout the home
2. Install some dummy security cameras in the front and sides, making sure to keep them at least 10-12 feet off the ground
3. Use energy-saving compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in all the outdoor sockets and just leave the lights on all the time
4. Make use of indoor timers to control on/off cycles of certain lamps in the bedrooms and living areas
5. Change all your door locks to include a brand that is recognized as “bump-proof
6. Have an alarm system installed with remote monitoring or activate your service if you already have one in the house
7. Put in carbon monoxide detectors on both floors or each end of the home and smoke detectors in all the bedrooms
8. Keep a fire extinguisher in the pantry or utility closet, not the garage as summer temperatures and car heat can be dangerous
9. Consider metal security doors and gates for courtyards, side entrances and ground-floor windows
10. Have a plan to make an emergency exit in case of smoke or intrusion and know where to meet at some place safe

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