10 Ways to Stage Your Home

phoenix home staging
1. Remove all clutter as much as possible, even renting a moveable storage pod if you have to
2. Take down personal photos and religious icons, as appealing to the broadest customer base is essential
3. Patch and touch up any walls that are scuffed, damaged or simply dirty
4. Use area rugs over any spots or stains on the carpets, especially in high traffic areas
5. Light some comfort-scented candles (think apple pie, cinnamon, pumpkin) in the kitchen
6. Make a one-page color info sheet of your property, with pictures and all relevant details
7. Stock bottles of water in a tasteful ice tub on the kitchen counter for guests to enjoy
8. Ensure your children and pets have somewhere else to be that day, again you don’t want to alienate visitors
9. Turn on all lights and ceiling fans in all rooms and open all blinds, curtains, etc
10. Be available to answer any questions, but stay in one place and do not follow people around

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