US Mortgage For Canadian

Great news Canada! If you are a Canadian looking to buy a home in or around Phoenix I can help you. RBC Bank (USA) and BMO Harris Bank each have an American loan program designed for Canadians seeking a mortgage from a US lender. You do not need any US credit history or US income to qualify, nor do you need to have a US residence or mailing address. RBC Bank (USA) and BMO Harris Bank both offer a great fixed rate mortgage for Canadian citizens buying in Phoenix AZask me about it!

** Please note I am only able to assist Canadians looking to purchase or refinance property in Arizona **

As you know, many Canadians are looking to take advantage of the US housing market. This finance program, backed by two of Canada’s largest banks, allows you to purchase a vacation home or investment property in Phoenix without using up all your savings. Usually with just 30% down, you can secure a mortgage for 70% of the value of the home. The US mortgage for Canadians document requirements are typically quite simple:

• Most recent paystubs
• 2 previous years T4s
• 2 previous years T1 Generals
• 2 previous months bank statements
• Mortgage statement (if any), homeowners insurance bill and property tax bill for your current Canadian home
• Copy of provincial driver license and Canadian passport

Request your US mortgage for Canadian package with no obligation. I will email you free information kits from lenders who work with Canadian citizens qualifying for US mortgages to buy or refinance a property in Arizona. When you are ready to purchase a vacation home or investment property in Phoenix, I will assist you every step of the way. As a fellow Canadian who has lived in Phoenix since 2004, I am the preferred real estate agent to guide you through the entire process, from obtaining the loan qualification from a US lender to searching for your new house and reaching a successful home closing! Most Canadians are unfamiliar with American real estate aspects, such as title insurance, escrow and other customary procedures unique to our process.

Now that you know the US financing options available to Canadians based on income and credit rating, start your FREE property search today for the perfect home in Phoenix!

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